Who We Are

Our staff at Fan Experiences has knowledge and experience in designing a spectacular event. We are committed 110% to providing your guests with the experience of their life and assisting you with the cost savings that goes along with that. Fan Experiences understands the different types of events and what needs to go into each of these types. Events are not cookie cutter; they all have different purpose, different objectives that need to be met and we assist you with this. At Fan Experiences, we customize to your specific event needs. We are an extension onto your team and like to be perceived as an added resource.

Fan Experiences has built a relationship within the marketplace with numerous entities that attend or work these Special Events. We have worked with the same contacts year after year for Fan Experiences has been around. We have built profiles on all our contacts to supply them with the best customer service possible. Your attendees will already have the comfort level utilizing the housing service based on relationships having already been in place for high level security events. We understand their needs are and the protocol needed to handle such a fast paced event.

Fan Experiences truly understands that your guests want a seamless experience and it all starts with their arrival to the hotel. We will make sure from the start of the conference to the end; they will have a successful and memorable experience.
We will make them a FAN out of their EXPERIENCES!

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